As Delco Live looks through social media for all the Delco happenings, we sometimes come across some real gems.  This time Kerri came across something different.  A Drexel Hill woman puts her heart out there looking for a missed connection.

Kristin Lang, originally of Havertown, was innocently waiting in CVS in Drexel Hill.  The pharmacy closes for half an hour during the day in the afternoon.  As she waited, another customer started to talk to her.  He asked, “You are still here?” This was followed by a playful wink.  He kiddingly complained about being old and the terrible taste of fiber.  She played along while she shopped for Prilosec for her heartburn.

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Kristin did not know that her heart would burn for human connection.  Kristin is a single mother of a young seven-year-old boy.  She has not dated in many years and has selflessly put her child first.  She felt a connection with this charming stranger; it was the first time in a while.  The pharmacy finally opens, and they pass some final glances.  Something comes over Kristin, and she goes back to see if her mysterious man is still in the store.  Unfortunately, he was gone.

A Missed Connection

After leaving and thinking about her missed connection, Kristin goes to social media.  In an uncharacteristic act, she put her experience out on Facebook, trying to see if her high-fiber diet honey would be watching.  Just maybe he was searching her out.  She posted in Drexel Hill Community Forum as well as a Havertown group page.  She posted a simple but heartfelt message.

To the guy at twp line cvs today how’s that fiber doing?  I was getting Prilosec for heartburn and be was getting fiber.  We joked about how it sucks getting old!  We were both there for a bit waiting on prescriptions.  How do ya ask a guy in cvs if he’s married? LMAO #MissedConnections

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Kristin notes she got a lot of supportive messages and some knuckleheads.  She even received some new friend requests from single men as well.  Kristin still searches for her adorable CVS hunk.  She described him as a tall white male with a muscular build.  He has short or little hair and was simply dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.  He had a goatee and was very personable.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Kristin Lang was happy to meet a really personable human being.  It is not often in this area that you can have this type of encounter. Usually, most would either be too shy or think the other person is a crazy stalker.  Kristin seems ready to make a connection with either her Aisle 10 hottie or some other high-fiber hero.

Kristin is a funny single mom.  As a former bartender of 8 years, she is extremely outgoing.  She loves a glass of wine or two or more.  Even setting up this interview, she drunk texted while hanging out with some girlfriends.  She did not remember the messaging back and forth with me.  (Story of my life).

So if you may know this mystery Delcoian or maybe looking for a nice woman looking for a connection, message us directly on our social media or through our website at  Below you will see a picture of Kristin Lang to see if this strikes a memory for an unknown prince charming.