Build-A-Mess Express is here! Create your own drunk bus featuring 10 Delco bars (Past or Present) & 1 place (Past or Present) to grab food during. Here’s what experts on the Flannel Panel picked for their school bus chauffeured shit show Saturday:


  • Busty’s Tavern – For a pregame pitcher
  • The Wave – Cause it’s The Wave
  • Cawleys Irish Pub – Cause it’s the longest relationship I’ve had
  • Maggie O’Neill’s – Was always the best on the Erin Express
  • Tony’s Tavern – If only it was a Thursday and there’d be Roast Pork
  • Dolans – For the finest of Delco Red’s (Blackberry Brandy)
  • McGillicuddys Kirklyn – To stare at the Ducks softball trophy’s
  • Trophy Tavern – to leave my card for an excuse to morning drink the next day there
  • J.T. Brewki’s – for some Mind Erasers and Wildwoods
  • Tumble Inn – to sing some Billy Idol for Karaoke
  • Food: Mike & Emma’s for a Cheesesteak
Dolans Bar


  • Cawley’s Irish pub – the walls are pink and they serve fine drinks
  • Busty’s Tavern – pitcher and a shot
  • The Crossbar Havertown – class it up, heathens
  • The Rusty Nail – live music that isn’t just “Whiskey in the Jar”
  • Oakmont National Pub – Fancy
  • Maggie O’Neills – represent Drexel Hill
  • Trophy Tavern – keep repping Drexel Hill
  • Marty Magee’s – cause it’s home of Delco 3 and 4
  • 39 North – throw Glenolden some love
  • J.T. Brewski’s – some nice parking lot beers
  • Food: Staying at Brewski’s for some Fried Cheese Curds
Vegas Vapes

Big Al

  • Bungalow Inn – because this Clifton-ite bleeds flannel
  • Hunts Annex – wings amongst other things
  • Marty Magee’s – three bars for one great time
  • Cawley’s Irish Pub – he heard there was roast beef
  • Barnaby’s Havertown – bump n’ grind on the dance floor and pull something
  • RP McMurphy’s – to relive his heyday
  • Tom n Jerrys – he heard there was roast beef
  • Barnaby Ridley – to stare
  • Dolans – the Most Delco Bar, undefeated
  • Lou Turks – he heard there was roast beef
  • Food: Olympic Diner


  • Casey’s Drexel Hill – for the atmosphere
  • Busty’s Tavern – for the atmosphere
  • Cawley’s Tavern – cause they come up big for drunk buses
  • Skippy’s – where else can you get hammered for $5
  • McGillicuddy’s Kirklyn – R.I.P. “every day, every day…” – Bone Thungz N’ Harmony
  • Maggie O’Neill’s – wings, and the free for all party upstairs
  • Ivy Inn – to represent Havertown
  • McGillicuddys Brookline – two floors of shenanigans
  • The Lamplighter – feel that fresh carpet on the toes
  • Barnaby’s Havertown – basically a stockholder there from back in the day
  • Dolans – the service, the people, the Delco
  • Food: Sam’s Boardwalk Pizza Havertown

Delco Jesus

  • Dolans – the only place that lets him play music
  • Hunts Annex – they fed him once, and he’s like a stray cat
  • McGillicuddy’s County Line – he’s got memories
  • Mickey’s Tavern – 80 beers available, not breaking the bank
  • Marty Magee’s – cause he isn’t banned from there yet
  • Cawley’s Irish Pub – because he’s Irish
  • Tip O’learys – it’s a fine establishment
  • Stingers Waterfront – for a beautiful view of the Darby Crick
  • Leftys’s Irish Pub – finally, some love for Marcus Hook on this list
  • Lou Turks – to buy Easter flowers
  • Food: Llanerch Diner to sit in the Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence booth

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