The Delco Draft has come and gone. (Watch below if you missed it.) The Delco Draft report card is in. How did your area do? Find out below.

Round 1

Pick RegionDraftedLogicGrade
1The 19018To Become the Capital of Delco A
2HavertownThe Rights to Delco JesusNo LogicF-
3Darby to DelmarFlooded 420 UnderpassCreate a conglomerate of underwater treasures‚Ķ like a “Wooder World”B-
4SwarthmoreDelco Restaurant ReviewRename it the Delco Roundabout ReviewB
5Lansdowne-YeadonBarnaby the Delco BearReplace void left by Roscoe the Lansdowne TurkeyA+
6The ChestersLinvilla OrchardsPlace a Pumpkin Patch on 22nd and EdgemontA
7Interboro InternationalThe Blue RouteAdd 3 Lanes, and have it swerve to make a South Ave and Oak Ave ExitA+
8Capital CityThe Irish Riviera of West Chester PikeReplace the lost drinking establishments of State StreetA-
9West Chester Pike WestMarcus Hook RefineryThey didn’t feel Blue Collar enough. Lacked smogC+
10The Rust BeltWawa (Headquarters + Origin Story)Wants to use Baked On Premise Rolls for InsulationB-
11Springfield-MortonLou TurksBring the sleaze back to Baltimore Pike, next to Best Buy and Pet Smart, lost when the Parkway and Days Inn closedA+
12The Main LineCow Pie BingoDidn’t feel Delco enough. Wanted a strong Central Delco tradition that They and their butlers can partake InB
13Tinicum IslandNo Name Food StrreIsland has more strip clubs than places to buy food. This ensures an establishment to purchase Tahitian Treats, Phila Hats, and Jolt Colas Pre or Post Lap DanceB+
14Ridley AreaJohn Heinz RefugeesAnunu, Who was making picks, misunderstood “Refuge” and believed he was getting a full wave of RefugeesD-
15Greater Upper DarbyDolan’sAcquire “The Most Delco Bar” to replace to void left by the Irish Riviera being taken by Capital CityA+

Round 2

16The 19018Unsatisfied Main Line HousewivesMachismo?D
17HavertownRusty NailSecure a music venueC+
18Darby to DelmarVillinova UniveristyRename it Darby Tech, place it on Main StreetA
19SwarthmoreFlannelTo secure the fabric as a hipster entityC
20Lansdowne-Yeadon69th StreetSince the movie theater still isn’t open yet, and the area lacks Cricket Wireless stores and Foot Lockers, this was to “restore” Lansdowne AveA-
21The ChestersDinning Under the StarsAdd foot traffic to the area. Will now take place on Upland AveA+
22Interboro InternationalPlanned ParenthoodCreate a one stop shopping experience once night life can return to MacDade BlvdA+
23Capital CityThe Drexelbrook Holiday Inn + It’s Terrible Sign on Burmont and Ferne AveTo replace the Raven MotelA-
24West Chester Pike WestThe Delmar Drive Sev (7-11)An attempt to add Deep Delco into their culture. Cue up the MarlborosB+
25The Rust BeltThe Naked Crackhead that Escaped in Secane in 2018 for 40 daysCreate a food delivery service called “Crack Dash”A
26Springfield-MortonThe MacDade MallSolidy their hold on all Malls, past and presentC-
27The Main Line113 Septa Bus RouteAnother attempt to add true Delco. They want the Septa route from 69th Street to Chester Transportation Center to now run through RadnorC-
28Tinicum IslandBlitz/DelCrowHanging on the the aviary icon that patrols the IslandB+
29Ridley AreaDelco DayClaiming the rights to host future Delco Days (June 10) within their regionA+
30Greater Upper DarbyThe Other Pica’s PizzaTo hold the rights to both Pica’s PizzaC
Dolans Bar

The Delco Draft report card continues to round 3.

Round 3

31The 19018The Right to Declare Baltimore Pike as “The Pike”, Null and Voiding All Other Pikes Claims To Be “The Pike”Bold, but needed to be done, as it was a heavily disputed termC+
32HavertownFantasy Island Adult BookstoreCreate a “Jack Shack” on that side of the CountyC+
33Darby to DelmarThe Ridley Police Drug LockerIf recent articles are true, and contents are up for grabs, they want in on itA+
34The 19018 (Traded the Golden Mile of Food on Baltimore Pike to Swarthmore for pick)The Word “Delco”Claims everyone owes them $1 every time they use the wordB+
35Lansdowne-YeadonDelaware County Community CollegeReplace the Aldi with itC-
36Havertown (traded Manoa for this pick, plus all of the Irish in The Chesters)The Edgemont Nuclear Missle SilosUnsure, but making us nervousD
37Interboro InternationalBooths CornerReplace MacDade Mall with a good ol’ fashion Amish Farmers Market. Horse and Buggy traffic will clog South AveA+
38Havertown (traded Capital City Brookline Blvd, and all of their Italians for this pick and all of Capital Cities Irish)IrishTrying to create the most Irish County in the USAB+
39West Chester Pike WestGeorge W. Hill Correctional FacilityThey got the land, might as well make some cash off a for profit prisonC+
40The Rust BeltRed LobsterSell their fresh fish from the Refinery runoffs into the Delaware RiverA
41Springfield-MortonImperial Pizza (including the Beach)Who needs a shore house, when you can have a beach front property right in your neck of the woodsA+
42The Main LineClifton FieldTo spite the 19018, and Greater Upper Darby area, and so they don’t have to use Randor Field for their newly acquired Cow Pie BingoF
43Tinicum IslandKate WinsletShe is starring in a Delco based show. In case she hits hard times, they’ve seen “Titanic” and know she could work well at Lou TurksA-
44Ridley AreaThe Grass Mowing Goats of Upper DarbyAnunu, whom was making picks was really excited there were goats available. This will not end well for the goatsA
45Ridley Area (Upper Darby’s Drafter could not make pick, so Darby to Delmar traded the Folcroft Storage Lockers to UD for pick. Ridley then traded Eddystone to Darby to Delmar for pick)The R S ClubAnunu wants to take the goats thereB
Vegas Vapes

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