Many in Delco have spent time at Ridley Creek State Park. This place offers many the opportunity to enjoy a nice day. You can go for a lovely hike. Fish the day away. And so much more. What most don’t realize is a cemetery lies within these grounds. The Russell Cemetery to be exact.

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Located in the state park is a cemetery. It goes by the name of Russell Cemetery. There is a plaque at the entrance which tells the story. It reads:

“This cemetery, once quite common place in earlier times, is the final resting place of several members of the families of Jesse and William Russell. Their homes, built in the early 1800s, remain today along Gradyville Road within Ridley Creek State Park.

All those buried here passed away between 1820 and 1861. Local legend recounts that Jesse Russell, an avid fox hunter, was interred standing upright, so he could better listen for the baying of the hounds.”

This small cemetery takes a hike to visit. It can be found on top of Hunting Hill in Ridley Creek State Park. One may have to wonder atop it a bit until finding the cemetery. It is worth the visit to Russell Cemetery if you are interested in Delco history.

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